Toy Industry Trends of 2017

Toy manufacturing industry has touched the highest peak of success and is still growing rapidly. And the reason behind it is the interesting inventions which have given your naughty toddlers an entertaining source to expand their IQ level.

The credit of increasing craze of toys must go to the North American International Toy Fair which is been organized by the U.S Toy Industry Association, every year. This playful event took place recently where major transformations and upcoming trends have been disclosed. Right from the collectibles 2.0 to movie mania toys, every aspect of the show stole our attention.

This event took place on 19th Feb 2017 at New York and soon became the center of attraction of the whole world.

The exotic and jaw-dropping designs of a new range of toys have already increased the sale bar by 5% till now. And as per trends experts, this rate is probably going to rise in the upcoming year.

Though, there were countless aspects and changes discussed in this event but let’s sum up them all and take a look at few paramount sections which you can’t afford to miss.

  1. Collectibles 2.0 – Till now Collectibles have given us a range of affordable toys including video games and awe-inspiring robots. This apparently showed its impact on their last year’s profit rate which increased by a whopping 33%. With their notable success, they’re trying their best to come up with even more innovative ideas and raise the success bars.
  1. Up & Active – These toys embolden kids to enjoy, cherish and expand their vision of thinking. And this is one reason why active toys are considered to be the best baby toys ever. These can be played with inside or outside the home. As kids are full of energy, active toys are best to help them release their energy in the right way.

  1. Oh So Classic – Mostly made with wooden material to give a slight tough to authenticity, this range of toys are no lesser than a gem for kids on its own. Apparently, these toys are no-tech but really adore a unique look which compels your naughty toddlers to get used to them. In this category, puzzle games, dolls were few great options which won millions of heart last year and still gaining popularity with every passing day.

  1. Technology Trends – Manufacturer for the next-generation kids, technology-based toys have their own charm and charisma to cherish your kids with a technical brain. In the past few years, this mania has been taken to another level with the invention of 3D printing, virtual reality toys, real-time robots, drones and much more.

  1. Movie Mania – Batman and Ninjago are what driving kids crazy the most. And all thanks to the family-oriented movies which are not just earning well at the box office but rocking in the toy market too.

  1. From STEAM to STREAM – Enough with the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) toys. Now, STREAM is the new trend that every kid is reciting. This range of toys is all about improvising the memory, IQ, and problem-solving ability of kids.

Now the renowned toy manufacturers have decided to continue the toy production according to the new toy trends that may help bring a new change in the range of toddler toys. With this change, a new evolution of toys is certainly expected.