Top 3 Catering Equipment Suppliers in Australia for The year 2017

Catering is probably the most monetary rewarding of all food service businesses. As here you don’t need to invest bucks on designing an impressive dining area, only require a small commercial outlet for hoarding catering equipment and entertaining inquiries. Plus, the profits are always on the higher side compared to what bistros; cafes make for the same time frame.

However, don’t perceive that being in the catering industry is easy-peasy; here even your one mistake can dent company’s reputation severely. There are certain boxes to tick for starting up your own hospitality business, and one of them is having the best kitchen and dining equipment inventory.

Here, I’ve listed down the top three Australian catering equipment supplies for the year 2017:

  • HKN Commercial Kitchens : Established in the year 2008 in Victoria Park, Western Highway, Bentley HKN Commercial Kitchens has made a mark of trustworthiness in the hospitality business with its rich collection of high-grade kitchen equipment. In the year 2013, the company celebrated its biggest feat by moving into a bigger premise at 1163 Albany Highway, Bentley. It is a locally run company that provides people in the catering business with the best-in-class kitchen equipment and  Point of Sale Systems in the Western Australia region. Since its inception, the sole aim of HKN Commercial Kitchens to ensure affordability without comprising on quality of the products. They have a huge collection, probably the biggest range of products; most of them are Australian made, while some of them are imported from several parts of the world. Their rich database of clients includes restaurants, takeaway, cafes, hospitals, club, bars, and bakeries. Not just the Australian region, the company has a good foothold in the Asian market.

  • Atlantic Equipment Sydney : Atlantic Equipment Sydney is a leading manufacturer of kitchen equipment in Australia. The company host a broad variety of equipment, and they are farmed for their functional and long-lasting freezer and cold rooms. Best quality, lowest prices, and fast shipping are three characteristics which help Atlantic Equipment to spread its wings to become a global leader with every passing year.This popular Australian brand outfit and supplies commercial kitchen equipment to both big restaurants chains and independent eatery hops. Their extensive selection of cooking equipment includes chest freezers, char grills, combi ovens, and much other basic stuff.
  • SIMCO Group Commercial Kitchens : SIMCO Group Commercial Kitchens is a new kid on the block when comes to commercial kitchen supplies. But, owing to its rich assortment of cutting edge, competitive priced products, the company is satisfying a major chunk of huge demands in Australia. Simco brings flair of its exclusiveness to the hospitality industry of Australia with its diversity of economical and practical kitchen equipment. Earlier, in 2014, the group was focused on manufacturing commercial refrigeration under the name Snowman Refrigeration Australia. Two years later, in 2016 Simco Group came up with a complete range of gas cooking equipment along with the Italian made deli display cabinets, and ovens to name a few. They sell to local dealers like Mattys Catering Equipment and Petra Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

To wrap up, if you are planning to start your own catering business, then it’s great if consider these three top supplies for your kitchen equipment inventory.