How Does The Muslim Community Use Fitrana Donation?

At present, Muslims are present almost in every corner of the world. No matter in which profession they are, what is their annual income or from where they belong, at the end of the day, it is their religion which unites all the Muslims altogether and gives them the true sense of brotherhood which now, needs to be promoted further.

In order to initiate the noble cause, in the Islamic culture, the Prophet said, every Muslim is required to donate a share of property, money or any other form of the materialistic thing to help people who are below in terms of financial condition. Following this tradition, almost every Muslim, in the present date, celebrate Ramadan, breaks fast and then contribute their share of efforts in the form of Zakat-Al-Fitr which is often referred to as Fitrana as well.

The Actual Meaning of Zakat-Al-Fitr-

 Zakat-Al-Fitr which is also recognized or celebrated as Fitr or Fitrana in many sections of the world has become a major source of help for a good number of people living throughout the world. The basic idea of celebrating Zakat is to make the underprivileged, eligible to earn their bread and butter and live a life blessed with all the basic amenities like- food, shelter, cloth and a source to earn food for the family.

Keeping such things in mind, their entire Muslim community throughout the world has developed different Muslim organization in almost every corner of the world, to teach Muslims the literal meaning of brotherhood and stick them to the roots of the Islamic religion.

Here are the names of top 5 renowned Muslim Communities which make the right use of Zakat amount or donations in helping the under-privileged sections in the entire world.

  1. All-India Muslim League
  2. Council of American-Islamic Relations
  3. Taliban
  4. All- India Muslim Personal Law Board
  5. Alevism

These organizations are familiar with helping Muslims in donating the right amount of money, property or any other share to the needy ones. More than anything, they act like a medium connecting giving and receivers. There are times when you might feel the urge of helping a community or village residing way far from your residential area. In such cases, these organizations help you deliver your entire donation amount to the ones who need them the most.

Else than this, the Zakat amount funded or gathered is later used for the betterment of people through different sources or mediums giving people a live example of how needy people can be treated well.

In order to constantly collect a certain amount, such associations run events, social gathering of Muslim communities, to raise a specific amount of funds and keep them safe for the rainy days & help people in the need of the hour.

The bottom line-

Contributing your part of donation as Zakat becomes much more fruitful and easier when done through organizations. It makes the cause look vast and much more effective than your individual’s contribution which is why Muslim communities suggest associating with such organizations.